First Holy Communion



If you are reading this page then you probably have a child coming up for their First Holy Communion in 2019. How quickly they grow! It is hardly any time since they were being brought to church for baptism and now they are coming to meet the Lord in Holy Communion.

I would just like to say that we as a parish will be doing everything possible to make each First Holy Communion preparation year as good as we can make it. If children have a positive and happy experience of Church in their early years then there is a chance that their membership of  the community will remain strong and robust for life.

To this end it is our aim to provide a first class period of instruction from September till May each year.

In partnership with our team of Catechists, parents will explore with their children who Jesus is and how we can find him in the celebration of Mass.

Details of this course including dates and events along the way are provided below. Here I just wanted to say that you and your children are warmly welcome and that I am sure both you and they will find our course preparation instructive and fun.


2019-2020 Enrolement Form First Holy Communion


2019-2020 Enrolment Letter and Schedule


Dear Parent/Guardian


Preparing your child for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion


Your child’s preparation for their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion is a very important stage on their journey of faith.  As parents, you are the main teachers of the faith to your children, and this year the Catechists and myself want to support you in your faith with your child with their first Reconciliation and First Communion preparation with a programme called, ‘Growing up Catholic.’  The programme is open to children in Year 3 and above and gives you the opportunity to prepare with your own child with the support and guidance of the catechists.


There will be roughly one session per month. Sessions will take place as follows:

  • ·         St Peter & St John before the Saturday 5.30pm Vigil Mass – sessions start at 4.15pm in the Hall,
  • ·         St Tarcisius after Sunday 9.15 Mass – sessions start at 10.30 in the presbytery,
  • ·         Christ the King before Sunday 11.15 Mass – sessions start at 10:00am in the Priests house at 11 Bell Place, just a short walk from the church.


Before registering your child for this course, please do be aware that there is a certain commitment of time involved and it is an essential part of the course that you and your child are present at every session.  If not, it could result in your child being unable to complete the programme.


There will be an initial meeting for parents only on Wednesday 18th September 2019 at 7pm where you can ask any questions about the course content or practical queries, worries you may have about your child’s preparation.  We want to make it work for you, so please do discuss any queries you may have.  If you feel that now is not the right time for you and your child, there is no obligation to register.


The full list of dates for the programme of parents’ and children’s meetings is provided to enable you to plan in advance.  (Please keep the list of meeting dates before returning the form).


The parish office will need to receive a completed application by August 31st 2019.  Please attach a photocopy of your child’s baptism certificate and your donation of £25 for the materials for this programme.


Kind regards



Fr Paul and the Catechist Team


 2019-2020 Enrolment letter and Schedule




Serving at Mass

On completion of the First Holy Communion course children become immediately eligible to serve on the altar. With regular attendance they will be admitted into the Guild of St Stephen in April or May of the following year.


Catechist Testimony of 'How we Started' First Holy Communion  (2008 )
It was as late as October 2007 when the first Camberley & Bagshot Parish First Holy Communion (FHC) catechists were formed and came together as a group. The three previous individual parish groups had stood down so volunteers were much needed. Of the newly formed volunteers only one of us had any previous direct catechetical experience. However, we managed to find two volunteers from each of our church three churches. At least it meant an element of familiarity with the children. Three of us were parents of the children on the course this year but you could not have asked for a more different group of people from diverse backgrounds and qualities that instantly bonded and drew upon the individual strengths, experience, skills and capabilities of each other.

We had twenty-eight children on what, over the year has been a wonderful journey and experience for us all, especially given the fear of the unknown felt by us all from the outset. During the monthly sessions we saw the children grow both as individuals and as a group. I speak for us all when I say that it has enriched our lives and been most rewarding to see the initial, in the most part, shy and introverted 7 year olds, convert into what are now very confident and extrovert 8+ year olds. Apart from the spiritual element, as a group we have enjoyed social events and shared many stories, experiences and practical things together including an amazing reconciliation service which the children approached with their continued growing confidence and usual vigour.

The culmination of this particular part of their journey arrived at 2pm on Sunday June 15th at St Tarcisius Church, Camberley, when we witnessed as a parish with pride and emotion these young people being rewarded with the receiving of our Lord for the first time. It has been an absolute honour and privilege to have been involved and I personally look forward to continuing the work again next year with the next group, given that we now have the initial experience and knowledge behind us. It was truly wonderful to see the St. Tarcisius Church packed to the rafters supporting these wonderful children on their special day, an experience that will live long in the memories of the three hundred or more people who were there and who contributed to the service with enthusiasm and joy.