Gift Aid & Covenants

Gift Aid allows us to reclaim tax on all amounts given, including irregular, one-off payments (no matter how small, or large). It also means that where existing covenanters give more than they have covenanted we can make reclaims on the extra amounts.

We need a completed Gift Aid Declaration, and evidence of payment. Cheques and standing orders are self-evidenced, but if you give in cash it needs to be put in a numbered envelope so there is a proper 'audit trail'.

We would therefore ask any parishioners who are taxpayers to seriously consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration (even if they already have a covenant) and taking a set of envelopes which can be used for any cash contribution. All you need is your name, address and post code. Please do so at the earliest opportunity. Forms and information available via the Parish Office.

As regards covenants made before 6 April 2008, these will continue in force. Payments will continue to be collected and nothing further is needed to enable us to recover the tax. The new gift aid provisions apply to any payments you make in the offertory over and above the amount of your covenant so long as you have completed a declaration and use an envelope for the extra contribution.

Please Contact Mr Roger Woodham
01276 29037